School trip

School trip

De Ballebak is great to visit with the whole class or school. A great benefit is the fact you don’t have to depend on the weather.

School trip – € 8,50 per child

  • reception at the cash desk
  • play till closing time
  • chips with mayo
  • unlimited of lemonade
  • ice cream to go
  • snack € 1,20 / Slush Puppie € 1,20 per child (extra to order)
  • free wifi for teachers and/or supervisors


  • At least 30 children.
  • Supervisors have free entrance, but consumptions are not included.
  • No school trips during school holidays.
  • Cancellation is free within a period of 4 weeks. Any cancellation after 4 weeks with cost 25% of the total amount.

Making reservations

The number of maximum visitors for the indoor area is also taking into account with reservations of school trips. If you want to visit De Ballebak with your school, you need to make a reservation. This can only be done by our reservation website. We will notify you if this can be done for the day you wish. If this can be done, you will get a confirmation of your reservation. After this, the school trip to De Ballebak is final. This way you know what has been agreed upon and we know the maximum number of children. There is a possibility that multiple schools are present that day, but we always take the number of visitors into account!

Make a reservation