What is De Ballebak

What is De Ballebak

De Ballebak is an amazing way to play for children from ages 0 to 12. De Ballebak offers an adventurous, imaginative, safe and unlimited way of playing. De Ballebak has one of the largest play structures in The Netherlands with up to four floors of amazing fun and play.

With dry weather the outside area is open. Here, children can indulge greatly on one of the many play features.

The playground is divided into two areas. A some what smaller area for children from ages 1 to 4 and a bigger area from ages 4 to 12. At De Ballebak you can find inflatables, ball pools, climbs, slides and much more on different floors.
This is all connected to eachother.

Is the sun out? Indulge yourself in our outdoor playground. Good or bad weather, at De Ballebak you’ll always have a great time!

play devices

Play safely

All play structures and features from De Ballebak meet the requirements of the Europian standard and are very safe. Because we give our playground a monthly check and let the balls get cleaned, that safety remains guaranteed.

All visitors can read our house rules at the entrance and must honor them. By entering the playground, you agree with being aware and to follow these rules. The staff of De Ballebak makes sure these rules will be complied!

Children from aged 13 to 17 are too old for our indoor/outdoor playgrond and are not allowed to enter De Ballebak Brielle.

Parents and supervisors

While the kids indulge themselves at the playground, parents and supervisors can get a cup of coffee or get a bite to eat at the restaurant. By the manner our playground is set, you can overlook the various play structures.

Just like the children you can walk, climb and crawl throughout the whole playground, but of course with your children.

At De Ballebak you have a free use of the wireless network for the laptop or mobile phone. You can also read the many available magazines at our reading tables.

Parents and supervisors from age 18 and up have free entrance.

Birthday Party

Your party is the party of the year. Everyone will be talking about it for a very long time. The whole day of playing with all of your friends.

At your birthday party you’ll get your own party page. Invite all your friends by e-mail and put the party picture online on your party website!

School trip and Group arrangement

For bigger groups of children we have Group arrangements and for schools we have a School trip arrangement.


For children from ages 0 to 4 we have a special play area. De Ballebak is suitable for individual visitors, but also for bigger groups such as children daycares. For children daycares we have an arrangement.


  • De Ballebak Brielle is wheelchair accessible. A large toilet for disabled people is present.
  • There is free parking at De Ballebak Brielle.
  • Make sure you read the House rules.
  • Piece of advice: dress your child lightly for indoor playing.